Canadian Buildings In Perspective

Canada is blessed with multiculturalism and diversity that is reflected in its built-environment.  Visionary architects, influenced by Indigenous structures, have adapted architectural forms to our unique landscape. Elements of Brutalism, Modernism, Art Deco, Art Moderne, Revival, Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern and others form the basis of many distinctive buildings. Our changing world poses new challenges which will be addressed, but this collection of images by Chris Greenberg captures the essence of Canadian architecture today and the creativity it embodies.

Chris Greenberg

Chris Greenberg grew up in Texas and began his image-making career covering motorsports in Los Angeles.  He subsequently relocated to Aspen, CO to capture the mountain lifestyle and snow sports.  After moving to Washington, DC in 2002 he became a breaking news wire-service photographer for the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Getty Images and Agence France-Presse, covering Capitol Hill, the State Department, the White House, and federal cabinet offices.

In 2007 he accepted a staff role as an official presidential photographer under George W. Bush, traveling the world for the final two years of that administration. He moved to Toronto in 2010 and commenced documenting the built environment, an avocation which he finds immensely fulfilling. A maximalist by nature, he is drawn to expressive, colorful design and decisive moments of light.