Current Status

Development of the museum content began with the exhibit “The Nature of Architecture”, which explains how architecture works by taking the viewer from the initial expression of a need for a structure through its conceptual development and construction to the completed building.

Work is also underway on “Architecture and the Environment” to describe the profound effect of the built environment on our natural environment and the architectural design strategies that can mitigate these adverse consequences.

The design and assembly of the materials for “A History of Architecture” has commenced.  This exhibit portrays the historical evolution of architectural ideas, the factors that mold architecture and the effect architecture has had on our way of life.

“A Survey of Canadian Buildings” provides a perspective of the development of our Canadian built environment and the factors that have shaped it, commencing with First Nations and ending with contemporary designs.  Planning has commenced for the selection of buildings that would be representative of the country’s architecture.

A venue has not yet been identified as the location for the physical Museum.

The Museum is currently seeking the assistance of interested and qualified individuals to participate in the development of exhibits.